Golden Ganesh Designer Multi-Ceremony Invitation Card-KNK2352

This stunningly beautiful red and gold invitation card is deceptively simplistic in nature. However, the digital work is admirable. The invitation cards have a judicious mix of brown and gold hues on the card. The intricate working on the card offers a stylish and sophisticated look without it being too over-worked. The Ganesha symbol which is placed at the centre of the card has been given a contemporary look and feel. Therefore, this invitation card will stand apart owing its simplistic design. In most cases, a stunningly simple design can have the desired affect without resorting to over embellishments.

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Additional : 71.00 G, 21.00 x 26.50 Cm ,Matte,Designer Cards,Anniversary Cards, Engagement Cards, Housewarming Cards, Inauguration Cards, Reception Cards, Wedding Cards,Vertical Cards,Brown, Gold,Ganesha,210,Large,Screen,2

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