Multi-Ceremony White Hindu Invitation Card-KNK2568

The colour white always makes a stylish statement. The classic look and feel that this multi-ceremony wedding card exudes steers clear from being over-embellished. Instead, the card chooses to make an impression by being, well, simplistic in nature. The single sheet card has a symbol of Lord Ganesha at the top left hand corner of the card. The simple design is the perfect accessory to keep the card looking classy and chic. This card can be distributed for a host of family gatherings and events including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, thread ceremonies as well as housewarming inaugurations, among other events. The classic design is sure to make it a wonderful impact.

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Additional : 14.00 G, 13.00 x 22.50 Cm ,Matte,Single Sheet Cards,Anniversary Cards, Birthday Cards, Earboring Cards, Engagement Cards, Housewarming Cards, Inauguration Cards, Reception Cards, Save the Date Cards, Thread Ceremony Cards, Wedding Cards,Vertical Cards,Screen,Silver, White,Ganesha,Small

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