Rich Ivory & Golden Ganesha Marriage Card-KNK1373

This simple and beautiful card is from the Gold series of our hefty collection. A beautiful Ganesha symbol in antique golden color is framed with textured floral print and is place on the left. The cover page has a beautiful floral prints broadened at the top. The two inserts have antique golden Ganesha on the right and the lovely floral print on the bottom left. The card has full Graining Paper Board which gives it an elegant appearance. The card is traditional extremely gorgeous, and is highly appreciated among various sections of the communities!!

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Additional : 71.00 G, 21.00 x 26.50 Cm ,Matte,Designer Cards,Anniversary Cards, Engagement Cards, Housewarming Cards, Inauguration Cards, Wedding Cards,Vertical Cards,Gold, Maroon, White,Ganesha,210,Large,Screen,2

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