Lush Single Sheet Invitation Card-KNK4311

Sometimes, simplicity does make a greater impact. This designer invitation card is perfect for a plethora of occasions owing to its versatile look and design. You can use it for an anniversary, engagement, and birthday or housewarming party. The elegant maroon colour is also quite stunning especially when accented by a golden border. The single sheet card prevents the complication associated with too many elements in one card. Therefore, you can be assured of making an indelible impression with this card in a simplistic manner. This invitation card should be something you can consider opting for.

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Additional : 11.00 G, 14.00 x 22.00 Cm ,Matte,Single Sheet Cards,Anniversary Cards, Birthday Cards, Earboring Cards, Engagement Cards, Housewarming Cards, Inauguration Cards, Reception Cards, Save the Date Cards, Thread Ceremony Cards, Wedding Cards,Vertical Cards,Screen,Brown, White,Ganesha,Small

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