Multi-Ceremony Turquoise Green Invitation Card-KNK2544

The green Ganesha-embossed on the invitation card gives it a lux look. The Ganesh emblem has been given a modern interpretation on the card. It is offset by an intricate flower design which cascades from the left hand corner of the card. The voluminous design elevates the look of the card and gives it a stylish finishing. This multi-ceremony invitation card can be used for anniversaries, weddings or even Hindu housewarming ceremonies. Therefore, if you are looking to make a style statement @ this card should be the perfect choice for you. Your invitees will be talking about the card long after the conclusion of the ceremony.

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Additional : 71.00 G, 21.00 x 26.50 Cm ,Matte,Designer Cards,Anniversary Cards, Engagement Cards, Housewarming Cards, Inauguration Cards, Reception Cards, Wedding Cards,Vertical Cards,Gold, Green,Ganesha,210,Large,Screen,2

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