Green Designer Ganesha and Balaji Invitation Card-KNK4684

This green Ganesha and Balaji Alamelu Grihapravesham card has a regal quality to it while also invoking respect for the deities highlighted magnificently on the card. The attention to detail on the card is admirable. The digital craftsmanship truly stands out as well.The green colour used in this designer card is offset by the soothing tones of yellow, brown and orange. Also, the designer work done around the Ganesh symbol also lends sophistication to the card. This beautiful card is perfect to send out to invitees for a VIP Hindu wedding.

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Additional : 81.00 G, 22.50 x 28.50 Cm ,Glossy,Designer Cards,Wedding Cards,Vertical Cards,Offset, Screen,Green, Multicolor,Balaji Alamelu, Ganesha,210,Large

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